A peaceful heart

Through the tears and backlash we can learn valuable lessons. Through our daily struggles we can learn to continue to move forward. We need to be able to open our hearts to receive the help we need.

How often have I worn my warrior armor to go to battle without anyone by my side? How often I have healed my wounds in the middle of no man’s land? How often I have watched the sky asking the universe what is wrong with this life?

Why don’t I have my happy ending? Why do I have to go through uphill battles when I just want to live a life of joy? Too many questions that were not answered, but understanding I had to make up for a lot of parallel lives when I had not learned any of my life lessons.

I know I am not done yet in this incredible journey. But I have gained the perspective that I have learned my lessons this time around. I am not alone but I have people that truly love and believe in me. I am not the shy kid that felt oppressed by the world.

I have created everything from a place of love. I have not given up on my spirit, but I have inspired the fire in me to continue to grow and burn brightly like star in the dark night.

As I am walking on my journey this time around, I have my eyes wide open and fear is not in me. I am not reliving the past, I am changing my outer condition right here, right now.

I have understood what it means to let it go and become free. I have never justified my actions to anyone and will continue to do so. Living a life of a thousand is what we are doing when we are opening our spirit and learning who we truly are.