Believing in us

Forgiveness is something that can be difficult when we have been hurt by people we trusted. We may have shed some tears of pain and sorrow when we walked away but we have done it for our highest good. Being in a toxic relationship that was never going anywhere. Living the same unhappiness day in and day out, hoping a miracle would happen. But in reality, it never did so walk away is the best outcome we have to rebuilt ourselves. Looking back, realizing later, we just have dogged a bullet, learning from that relationship.

Changing our patterns to attract the right person. Not feeling ashamed of who we were but growing from it. We are not perfect, but we can learn from our outer condition. Our journey is filled with illusions, we need to make sure we have our eyes open. We also need to trust our spirit, that little voice that will guide us to safety.

Regardless of how much the outer condition can try to dictate, we are the one in the driver seat, our decision should be made not based on fears. If something is not right, instead of going blindly into it, just listen and walk away.

Our own free will gives us options to take any path we want. Some are good some are bad; we should take this into perspective not blaming others that have influenced us instead of listening our spirit. Nothing is ever set in stone; we can change the course of our lives at any given time. To archive our goals, it might take a little longer, but we can do it. Patience and focus will help us along the way.

Keep your happy ending in mind, continue to stay positive even when darkness surrounds you. The universe will always prevail on its own timing.