Having faith in us Part 2

I have learned throughout the years but something that always keeps reminding me I am not alone is my circle of light. The people that truly believe in me but also are always by my side no matter how crazy my life can be.

Nothing can ever replace a true friendship. We might feel alone in this world, but we are not. We do not need to be surrounded by thousands of people but only a few that will always give me the inspiration to move forward.

Life has its challenges during those hardships, but this is when your circle of light will lift you up. Having the love of people close to you will help you to overcome the obstacles in front of you.

You might feel you are the warrior fighting each battel on your own but when you let people support you along the way, you can move mountains. The kindness of people will touch your heart, from a word of wisdom to an expected gesture. Nothing is more valuable than to live your life with an open heart.

Let the people close to you touch your heart. Sending you the reminders from the universe we are not alone. We are loved, we are all connected, nothing is more important in those times that to know we are loved and blessed.  Regardless of what challenges and life lessons we are currently learning

Being in synch with the universe, seeing ourselves happy and successful. Not letting ourselves go down the rabbit hole. Instead seeing ourselves overcoming all obstacles in our way. Our imagination and beliefs will help us along the way.

Miracles do happen when we are willing to be open to possibilities. I have no idea how things are going to unfold but I have faith in perfect synchronicity. Living my life to the fullest not being afraid of tomorrow.