Walking on my own path

Like a runner pushing to the next mile, my journey has been challenging. From people who were waiting to see me falling on my knees, to the ones who were waiting in the darkness to see me lose everything.

I have felt the coldness and deep darkness of the world but my warrior in me has not taken any prisoners on my journey. Instead I learned to fight back and walk away from unnecessary battles. I learned, at a young age, to pick and choose my battles. From my parents’ toxic relationship, and other childhood torments levied on me and my sisters, I have applied what I learned to not do these emotion things in my daily life.

I have not felt the world owed me anything, instead I created a world of magic. I created a world of love and kindness. I refused to let the darkness settle in my life, I chose to fight another day to let the light and love settle in my heart.

I have not sold my spirit for a moment of illusion; I have not walked in darkness to let the demons of the world invade my space. I have learned to push myself beyond my limits for another day of love.

I have focused my rage for a better tomorrow, I have no resentment toward the people who have done wrong to me. I have learned to have faith in Karma, so I do not have to give my powers away.

I have given hope to others who have lost their way. I have uncovered the ugliness of the world and replaced it with compassion. I have kept faith in humanity when the world of darkness has taken over the world.

I have refused to give up on my life mission by letting the world of the ego blind me with shiny objects that were not for my highest good.

I have become the better part of me by walking on my own life journey.