My stand on life

Home is where we should be in our bodies. Our spirit is at home when we are centered and whole. But when our spirit is bouncing in and out of our body, chaos comes along. We cannot be objective, neither co-create properly if we are trying to run in every direction at once.

We need to learn to stop and step back for a moment. Trying to push further in our lives would be detrimental to us. We need to learn to go back to basics, learning to reconnect with our loved ones. We do not need to be perfect in our lives just by breathing and slowing down we can accomplish so much more.

We do not need to chase a world of illusion 24 /7. Being present in our lives is listening to each other. Not spending our time on social media. Trying to put on a show for others but instead, being open to receive the wisdom of the world.

Learning to becoming one with our inner circle of light. Becoming the better part of us. Not worrying about tomorrow. I have spent so much time working I forgotten what a simple moment of quietness was.

Let the fire of your spirit shine, become the better part of you by creating a new experience. Let your imagination guide your life. Do not give up on your dreams but becoming unsinkable. I became a warrior to archive the impossible. The universe has shown me nothing can stand on my path.

I have loved and lost, but I have kept my faith in the universe. I have lived a thousand lives, learning to reinvent myself along the way. Keeping my eyes on the goals and hoping for a better tomorrow.

I am still standing strong on my two feet; my faith is still guiding me along my journey. I am my spirit!