I am where I need to be

Our journey will only end when we take our last breath. We might feel like we are never going to settle. From unexpected changes in our lives, the universe can send us into a spiral. We can get out of it when we are staying centered but also by having faith.

Believing everything is alright when uncertainty has set upon our lives. Not knowing what tomorrow will be but having the peace in our hearts that everything will be alright. Everything has been resolved before we can see the outcome.

Knowing we are going through changes that are necessary for us in order to move on to a better life. Not easy to ride the raging river of changes but we need to hold on tight to the boat and steer it the best we can.

I have had those moments where I felt I should just put my hands up in the air and walk away. Giving up because I thought my life was settled and done. But the universe has decided a different way. Another change was necessary for me to archive my goal.

We all have hope for a better tomorrow, but it will never happen if we are not willing to go through the changes that are necessary for us.  I am grateful for those times of change, even thought, while in it, it was the most uncomfortable and stressful period of my life.

Frustration can arise but we need to learn to step back and have faith in the process, the universe, ourselves and the outcome. I would not have done this to my life if I wasn’t the dreamer I am. I did not want to settle for a life that wasn’t mine.

Not easy but at least I can say I lived a life of thousand and I created my own life. I moved mountains to get where I am today. I have no regrets.