Being where I am now

We are born to find our life purpose, learning our life lessons but foremost open our heart and connect with the universe. Learning to love and share, rising like stars and shine our true colors. We should not be afraid of the night sky but instead learning to walk in darkness in peace.

Believing in tomorrow even if our outer conditions are less than ideal. Not worried about what people might think of us. Just flying free away from the pain and sorrow we have experienced. Creating a new us by becoming a new facet of our spirit.

We do not need to repeat our mistakes instead appreciate our life. Blessing and thanks for what we have and feeling blessed for being alive. We can save ourselves from the madness of the world by staying grounded.

We do not need to become part of the robot’s world but instead walking on our own path, creating a better tomorrow for ourselves. Becoming an inspiration for the next generation, we do not have to be perfect but being opened to be a student of life.

I have not arrived where I am today by mistakes. I seek my path and still am moving forward on my path by believing in me. I have not given my powers away for fifteen minutes of fame. But I have stayed true to my spirit

I let my spirit guide me along my path, I have learned to ground myself when my world turned upside down. I have my circle of light to remind me why I am here. I will find another side of me that I have not discovered yet. I will explore the dark side of the moon; I will shine the light on darkness so people can find their path.

I will not give up on my journey but will continue to push forward.