Finding Love

Feeling the love of the universe in my heart, is what makes me get up in the morning. The love of my little ones is the other part of my joy in life. I do not live a self-centered life but a life of wonders. We can all become someone that brings love into others life. We do not have to chase to find someone to love.

Instead, learning to open our heart and connect with the universe is the way to attract the right people into our life.  Sending the energy of love into the world will automatically attract the right person into your life. When you are sending desperation in your life you are bringing the wrong people into your life.

If you are worried about attracting the right mate into your life, then step back and learn to open your heart and send the right vibrations. Just imagine yourself being with the right person without trying to figure out what that person looks like.

Instead trust the universe to bring he/she on your path. Again, do not try to figure out each person you are meeting it might be your next mate when you are going out. Instead enjoy being present and happy while you are doing that, perfect synchronicity will work actively to bring onto your path the right person.

At the least expected moment that person will appear. Like in a wonderful story the magic of the universe will create that opportunity. You just need to have faith and not try to control the how. Again, it is not your job to connect the dots but the job of synchronicity.

Trying to push or alter it will result in a disaster. Let the universe do what is best for our highest good. We all want our happy ending; it is not up to us to decide when this will be happening but the job of the universe. it might happen we are not ready to be meet that person yet. Patience is the key!