Become who we are

We all have the ability in us to move forward in our lives. Walking into darkness not knowing what tomorrow will bring.   Keeping faith that everything will turn alright, we all got it in us. We do not need to have a parade to tell us we are strong.

We got it in us to fight another day, the fire in us will guide us to safety. We got it in us to believe in tomorrow no matter what we are currently facing. We got it in us to walk on fire to move to our next journey. We got it in us to dream bold and big to live a life of a thousand we do not have to be afraid of tomorrow.

By being present in our lives we can create a better tomorrow. We do not have to spend our time living with regrets. We can archive what is for our highest good. We do not need to give our powers away feeling we are no one. We are all beautiful spirits; we have a chance to live a legacy by becoming the trailblazers we are.

We do not have to hide away; we can learn to show our true self without being worried. Let the music of your life guide you in your journey.

Do not worry about tomorrow just live in the present. Start to elevate your energy, become the better part of you. This world needs all of us to awaken our spirit and find our life purpose. We do not need to live in the ego world.

We can co-create our lives with the universe. We can become someone by living our lives to the fullest. We can become an inspiration for others, showing others we do not need to be afraid to express our own self.

I have gone too far to turn around so have you.