Living our dreams Part 2

Living a world of wonder and beauty is what we are all inspired to do. But when you are born into a life where nothing is being given to you on a silver platter, it is more than challenging.

Learning to co-create in a world that doesn’t exist for you yet, believing in yourself and the promised land you are dreaming about. It is quite a challenge, but it is still feasible no matter what your outer conditions are. You do not have to share your dreams with the world, but you can focus on making it happened. How you may ask?   By believing in the process, the universe, you and your happy ending. No matter how chaotic the road on your journey is, you might be well served if you keep your eyes on the goal. It could happen.

Often, we are expecting things to happen quickly for us but with all the pieces perfect synchronicity has to pull together, we may be required to be patient. Having faith in a better tomorrow, continuing to dream big and bold.

We do not have to succumb to someone’s negativity, instead you need to nurture your dream. Not feeling ashamed of who you truly are but instead feeling the energy you already have. You are living it even if it is not happening right away.

You are sending a strong message to the universe; you are not willing to compromise to anything or anyone only what is for your highest good. No one can ever live your dream only you. So, make the best of your life and keep dreaming.

Do not give up on your dreams thinking you will never archive them instead persist and keep pushing forward. You never know when this will happen, nothing is ever left to the wind. The magic of the universe will prevail.