Feeling the love of the universe Part 2

Failing to see the signs can lead us onto the wrong path. Being promised the world when, in fact, emptiness and darkness were surrounding me. This is not what I wanted.

I need to lose you to find myself back, I gave my all, but I would never sell myself for anything or anyone. Many times, we go blindly following when we want to believe in someone or something.

When we are not willing to see the signs, we are exposing ourselves to paying a higher price. Healing from a betrayal or a fallout might take some time for us to finally move on.

Those are hard lessons we have to learn but they are helping us to grow and becoming wiser. Always going with our eyes open to see what is in front of us, whether it is an illusion or not.

Facing our worst nightmares and overcoming makes us stronger. We might have people around us that are not for our highest good. Instead of ignoring the signs it is better to part ways.

Not everyone in our lives will be with us for the long haul. Keeping our true self authentic and pure is what we should be aiming for.  No one should promise you the world because you can create your own world, your own paradise.

You do not need to give your powers away to feel love or be loved. You are a beautiful spirit that will shine in the darkness of night guiding the right people into your life.

When you are becoming your own spirit, you are exploring who you are. You are happy to be alive, smiling at the world with kindness. Not worrying about people who are not here for our highest good.

Feeling the connection with the universe. Creating your next experience now. Feeling the love of the world in your heart, not feeling sorry for hard lessons you have gone through but always let your kindness show.