How can we be who we are?

Always putting people first in our lives is not what we should be doing. If you are seeing signs that things are not healthy in a job or a relationship, you need to assess the signs and make sure, before you go blindly into a relationship, you are not losing yourself to please someone else.

Giving our powers away is not a healthy relationship but a dictatorship. You are becoming the one who is waiting to be validated for anything you want to do.

We all have our own freewill. It starts by learning who we truly are. What our life purpose is. When the world of illusion has created “the norms” people are blindly following. It can misguide us along the way. We do not need to be married to have a fulfilled life. We do not have to follow in anyone’s steps to feel like we are part of something.

Becoming the better part of us is discovering who we truly are. Not everyone will be married by age 25 having 2 kids and a white picket fence surrounding a palatial home. You might be a globe trotter, traveling the world to discover new people and experiences. You could be a chef leading 3 restaurants. You could be a sculpture; how would you know that if you follow the world of the ego?

How are you going to explore your spirit if you never go into the unknown? How are you awakening your spirit if you are chasing the illusional world? How are you going to know what you like or don’t like if you settle for something that is not you?

How often have you seen people around you that are resentful because they missed an opportunity of a lifetime? How often have you felt envious of people who are living the life they always wanted? How often have you wanted to become someone else?

Maybe it is time for you to take the time and let your spirit guide you.