I am feeling blessed

Feeling blessed everyday can be challenging but when you are feeling in the right mind set, by just repeating those word “I am blessed” will help you to elevate your energy. Bringing the wonders of the universe to your path.

I have not felt blessed lately with my world being turned upside down but by keeping those words in my mind, I have felt the magic of the universe working in my favor.

We can always step back into ourselves feeling the world is against us or during transitional times we can feel our world has been obliterated. We need to adapt to the changes we are experiencing. This is how we grow and mature.

Life is not a walk in the park, neither a fairy tale movie. Our life lessons need to be learned. We are here for our life purpose and with our own freewill we can choose the direction we want to take.

During challenging times, we need to remind ourselves we can always co-create with the universe. We might not understand why we got let go at work or a relationship has ended but sooner or later we will realize when we have gone through the changes why it had to happen.

We have the choice to stay angry at the situation we have just experienced, and that anger is blocking us from moving forward in our journey or we can learn to let go. Cutting the cords and having the faith that something better is coming our way.

It is hard when we do not know what tomorrow will bring, but when you are repeating those words “I am blessed” then you are putting on the universe armor that will guide you to the right opportunities.

Keep having faith and feel the peace in your heart. If you need to go outside and shout at the world, please do so. At least you will have let go of the anger that is inside of you. Giving the space for peace to come into your life.