Embracing my spirit

Sometimes it feels that all we do is chasing the day. But when you are starting to plant the seed of dreams in your heart and starting to feel the energy of that dream, that beautiful seed you planted will make the universe respond to you.

The most amazing thing in life that can happen to you is to become the alchemist. The magician that can change your life for the better. You do not have to become part of the robot world.

My life has been upside down since the beginning. Looking at how far I have come, I am still on that path where everything is still spinning in the air. Nothing is settled, not an easy feeling at times. But in the quest to archive my dreams I have not given up on anything my spirit inspired me to do.

Instead I went head on into the quest, into the unknown. Did I have any regrets at times? Maybe, but even a slim moment of doubt did not stop me from pushing forward.

I used my anger to take the next step focusing only on my goals not the “how”. Having faith, the universe will prevail one way or the other. Feeling possessed by the energy of the universe. Not knowing what tomorrow would bring, but always seeing myself happy.

I entered the world of magic when I elevated myself. I do not see myself as neither my spirit nor human but as it. We can live a life hidden from the world, feeling resentful for the opportunities we did not take because we were afraid of the unknown.

Seeing ourselves being successful and powerful, but in reality, when we are looking in the mirror and the person looking back at us is someone who has not lived their life to the fullest but someone hiding behind a mask, an illusion that is not their spirit.

I have chosen to embrace my spirit