Changing the course of our lives

I am feeling better now, knowing the universe is by my side. Not worrying about tomorrow but focusing on the present moment. We do not need to map our lives thinking we need a 5 years plan to make us feel secure.

Life has taught me to throw that plan out of the window years ago. When we go on our own quest nothing will ever be the same. As we are paddling in the raging river that is our life, we can experience many changes that are not foreseen but are necessary for us to change the course of our journey.

I have thought I had found my place and would be settling but when the universe turned my world upside down again it did not seem fair at first. But when the dust started to settle, it showed me the path I was on wasn’t meant to last. It was one more step toward my goal.

Patience and understanding are the keys. Living in a world that is ever changing can be maddening. We can feel like we are having a case of ADD when in fact it is part of changing the course of our lives.

We might feel like a misfit, but we are only adjusting our journey to continue to walk on our holy ground.

Nothing can prepare us for what is coming next. Even the best of us can get caught off guard.

Having faith in the universe is what we need to focus on. Continuing to push forward even if we feel like we cannot do one more step. Even though we are having feelings that we are going backwards when in fact, we are moving forward.

For a moment we need to lose it completely to release our anger and frustration from within in order to bring peace into our heart. The universe will always prevail no matter what!