Living my dreams

I will fight for who I am, I will not allow the world of the ego to change who I am. I will do whatever it takes to let my spirit shine. I will become inspired by a song that opens my heart. I will listen to the universe.

I will not crumble through the pressure but instead I will rise like the phoenix. When you know who you are there is no point hiding it anymore.

How often have you seen people hiding behind a mask because they wanted to fit in. If you let anyone deciding who you are meant to be how can you be who you are meant to become?

People can promise you the world but if you are giving your powers away you will never know what you are made of.

You are not yesterday or tomorrow you are here and now. You are present in your life. You have been challenged in your life, but it doesn’t mean it is the end.

We can go on our journey blindly but going on our quest to find ourselves is our ultimate goal.

Loving who we are is the most essential part of us. We need to lose ourselves to find ourselves. Become the better part of us, not compromising for something we are not.

Listening to the world, challenging it when we are not going to settle for less but instead start to dream big. Becoming bold in our moves, even if we do not see what will come next.

Living in a world of beauty and magic. Letting our imagination guide us along our journey. I have dreamed of a world of magic and beauty. I am pushing forward in the world of wonders. I will continue to dream big and bold for a wonderful experience. Not fearing tomorrow but being present in my own life.