To my heroes

Without realizing it you have changed my life. When I did not believe in me or my life. When I was ready to give up not willing to push forward one more day. Because of you I have found the strength to fight one more day.

We all have met the hero that inspired us. Your words and scars have helped me to stand up on my own two feet. Showing me what it means to be human.

I am grateful for the universe to have put you on my path. Because of you I have been able to push beyond what I was facing. I am bowing to you.

I want to write about my life experience but also include the people that have entered my life at the most unexpected time and filled my heart with love. Giving me the strength to move forward to dream big. Learning to do, not giving up even at dire times.

I am writing because I am celebrating you. You are the unknown hero, the ordinary hero that transforms our life for us to become extraordinary.

Nothing will ever be the same when we cross your path. It is with humility I am writing these words. Entering someone’s life even for a moment can transform and change the course of their life.

You are not ordinary but extraordinary. Our lives will never be the same, we are grateful for your words of wisdom, but also your smile. Your print will stay on our skin for a lifetime.

We can become the hero to others who are in need of guidance. A smile can transform someone. I thank all the heroes who have entered my life.

I am grateful for the people who are standing by my side. I have seen ugliness in this world, but also, I have seen love and kindness. My inspiration comes from the heroes who have touched my heart.