It is goodbye to us

It is, maybe a goodbye for us, but it is a time to move on for better and greater things. Not being afraid to feel the pain and anxiety of tomorrow. But thinking about it, the unknown is more appealing than a life of lies.

Feeling the love of the world in my heart is helping me to move on. I have learned my lesson; I have felt on edge since I started feeling this would not last. It happened; it was so true. But I have made peace knowing deep in my heart it wasn’t for ever.

I have learned to survive challenges in my life. But I just wanted something to carry me a little longer. Now I have to reinvent myself, going into reinvention blindly. I need to find myself again and elevate my energies.

Nothing is forever, but we can all overcome and grow from our challenges. No one should promise the world to us especially when they cannot even deliver it. I have lost you, but I have gained myself back. I am not afraid to cry while I am saying goodbye to us.

I am like the phoenix rising from my own ashes. I am discovering who I truly am I am not sad but willing to move on with faith in my heart. Doing what is right for me and not you anymore.

I have nothing in my heart to hold you. Instead I released you so I can have something better coming into my life. Leaving my worries at the door I have stepped into the world of creation. I have remembered who I truly am. I am not part of a robot world, but I am my spirit.

We can create the world we want when we are willing to let go.