My inspiration

Feeling inspired by the life we are living might be difficult when we are facing hurdles. When we are able to step back, we can learn to navigate the raging river that is our life. Becoming the better part of us requires us to have faith in the process. Focusing on the better tomorrow while staying present in our lives.

Often, we are forgetting to go back to basics. Breathing and taking one step forward at the time. We do not need to rush but have faith that everything has been resolved. Staying in the moment, being inspired by tomorrow.

Not feeling like a victim, but instead, let our anger and frustrations out by focusing on what we can accomplish in order to pass all these storms. Learning to open our heart and let our spirit guide us in our journey.

Not being afraid to express how we feel without dragging ourselves down the rabbit hole and spiraling out of control, but instead, let the universe know you need help. It takes courage to admit we have had enough, or we cannot move forward. There is no shame to ask for help.

The universe will bring people, the right people on your path. You do not need to retreat in your head but instead open up. Let your feelings out and lean on your circle of light.

Feeling free is releasing the hidden anger you are holding in, the resentment of what has happened to you. Cut the cord and breathe, feeling the weight of the world off your shoulders.

We have so much more waiting for us when everything settles down. Life is a journey not a rat race. Walk your own path of enlightenment, you are not in competition with anyone.  You are the trailblazer, the leader of your own life, take the time to know your spirit.