Living a wild life

Let the light shine on you, let your beautiful spirit elevate your life. Regardless of the outer condition you are in. Do not let yourself be discouraged by setbacks, instead learn from it and put your faith on a better tomorrow. We are living an extraordinary life; we have the capacity to overcome our tribulations.

We have a chance to course correct our lives. We are stuck where we are even though at times, we feel we are not in the right place. We have to find the hope and the courage to continue to dream big.

Letting the universe work its magic. This is not easy when the outer condition is not what we wished to be living in. I have felt oppressed and stuck where I was until finally, perfect synchronicity put all the pieces together.

Is this what brought me to my holy ground? Not right away, it brought me closer to where I wanted to be. It opened my heart to become the better part of me. It did not define me but instead guided me to who I am today.

I still have some changes in my life that are currently happening. Is this comfortable? Not really, but this is happening because something better is right in front of me. I will take the leap of faith for a better tomorrow. I will not rest until I find the stability I need in my life.

I am glad I never settled down in the life that wasn’t mine. Instead I dodged a bullet by becoming the better part of me. I have no regrets and will never have any. I made choices in my life with what I knew at that time.

I will not go backwards but instead I continue to push forward into the unknown. I have spent my life dreaming bolder and will continue to do that until my last breath.