Healing our hearts

Putting people first in our lives might not be the right thing for us to do. Ignoring the signs to live a lie would sooner or later come to naught.

We sometimes are making the wrong choices because we want to believe it is the right person entering our life.

But when the relationship starts to fall apart, this is when we get hit by the reality. We can feel going down the spiral of pain and sorrow. Thinking it is the end of the world. Our body being pulled in all directions. We do not know what is up or down anymore.

We are feeling the walls closing in on us, but that relationship wasn’t meant to last. It was a moment of weakness, not wanting to see the truth when it appeared. Instead we lived in an illusional wonder for a while. Thinking we have found the one, but it was a mirage.

What follows was only the house crumbling in on itself. Nothing would have prevented this story to end. When we are not willing to see the signs that are being sent by the universe, we are in for a lot of pain.

We can find peace when we finally are staring to heal. Not running into another relationship, but instead taking the time to put the pieces of our lives back together.

Learning to forgive ourselves for the wrong choices we have made and be willing to see who people truly are. Nothing will ever happen to us if we keep our eyes and ears open. Listening to our spirit.

We do not need to replay this in our heads over and over, but we need to learn that valuable lesson. Not ignoring or brushing off the signs the universe is showing us. Instead learning to walk away from a toxic relationship.