Being human

Being human is feeling the pain but also the love we can create. We are here not to hide but to show our spirit. How can we live a full life if we are only pretending to be someone we are not?

Why should we be afraid to show our true colors? What’s wrong with showing our spirit?  We are all beautiful, so why should we be wearing a mask? Why should we endure the illusional world of the ego?

Why should I dress the same way that everyone else dresses?  Why should I smile at someone who despises me? Why should people bully me when I just want to be happy? Why do I have to hide away when I want to be just me?

We have so much more to do in our lives, why should we waste our time with other people’s pettiness? Why should we have to watch others throwing their lives away? I do not want to live in the world of pain.

I want to reach my happy ending. I have suffered enough to take it anymore!
We are living in a world of chaos. What is right and what is wrong has become a blurry line.  Do I have to follow blindly? Do I have to drink lies from the world of ego like Kool aid?

Not really, I do not want anyone to sing off key in my chorus, I do not want to see the world distorted through my glasses. I do not want to go blindly into my life anymore. I am stepping up to my own plate and claiming what is rightfully mine. I will not follow anyone but instead listen to my spirit.

I do not deserve to be ignored or passed over. I need to reject that lifestyle in order to find myself, I need to be happy in my life. I do not want anyone to promise the world and fail to deliver it. At this point in my life I know that no one can give anyone the “world”.  I’d rather lean on the universe to get what I need.