To love and being human again

I want to feel the love of the universe in my heart. I am human and spirit; I live my life in the spirit world, and it is time for me to live my life as a human. I will not hide anymore.

I will not let anyone burn my forest. Instead I will walk away from unnecessary pain. I will become the alchemist that creates my own world. I will move forward chin up with a smile on my face.

Letting the rain fall softly on my cheeks, I am not a shame of who I have become. I do not need to wear my warrior armor anymore. I am walking bare on my holy path.

I have happy to have moved on from the toxicity the ego world has to offer. I am maybe a threat to the illusional world, but this doesn’t faze me. I have nothing to prove to anybody.

I am ready to rise from my ashes; I am ready to invent another side of who I am. I am ready for the adventure of my lifetime. I have so much more to discover. I have no time for anyone that is not here for my highest good.

I am inspired by what I can do, I have no intentions to go backwards in my life. Instead, I am moving forward into the unknown where it is safe for me to continue to open myself and feel the humanity in me.

I am not afraid to lose myself anymore. I am ready to continue to peel the layers of my spirit. I am ready to feel the love of the world in my life. I am ready to embrace who I am. I am not worried about tomorrow. I have learned to lean on the universe to provide what I need.