We are special

Being someone doesn’t require us to sell out who we are. Trying to fit into the world that is not accepting us is not worth to spend our time to attempt to change their minds. I am wearing the crown of gold the universe gave me. I am not afraid to show my true colors.

I am singing hallelujah, because I am not a ghost, but I am someone. I am not afraid of tomorrow. I have accepted that I am becoming a student of life. I am not afraid to shine. I am willing to take bold moves to realize my dreams.

Living a thousand lives is not easy but it comes in handy when you have to think outside of the box. Becoming the creative spirit, we are. Not letting the adversity of our outer condition push us away from our purpose. We are beautiful beings that deserve to learn what love is. To be safe in the middle of the chaos.

Being grounded when everything is upside down. Not knowing what would become of us. But we must have faith, because the wings of the universe will protect us in our journey. Not being deterred when darkness is upon us. But instead becoming the light in times of uncertainty.

Welcoming the wisdom of the universe, trusting the path we are on while our spirit is guiding us to safety. Not feeling alone but instead opening our arms to receive love from people.

Being willing to jump into the unknown, feeling the guidance. Not losing it when we are feeling the walls closing in on us. But instead using our imagination to move forward. We do not have to know everything, just learn to take one day at a time.

We are sacred at this point in time, but with love, and knowing the universe is always by our side, we just need to ask for help in our time of need.