Living in Chaos

Living in complete chaos is not an easy environment. But when you need to course correct your path that is the only way you can change it.

With patience and faith, we can move to better and greater things the universe has to offer to us. Asking for help from the universe should be part of our lives. We might seem we do not deserve to be helped. Maybe not worthy to have a better life. But we need to listen to our spirit, too often we are listening to people who do not have our best interest at heart.

This may guide us to take the wrong turn or delay our journey. Always ask your spirit to not let your sense of guilt or pride take over your life. I have seen people changing the course of their lives for the worst because of their sense of duty. When, in fact, it was there ego that misled them. Years later those people were upset at the world because they did not listen to their spirit.

We are accountable for our own decisions regardless if we are being influence by anyone. We have free will, so be cautious and learn to trust your gut, your little voice that has always guided you to safety.

People who have your best interest at heart will always surround you. We do not need an entire world to be our circle of light. A few people will be enough for us to lean on in good or bad times.

Choose the people who are lifting your spirit. The people who are always there to cheer us up when we are down. The people who will be by our side when we are laughing and happy.

Let your heart open to let your beautiful spirit be. Learn who you are through the life lessons we have to face. Stay authentic and true to your spirit. The universe will always prevail one way or another.