Feeling of the moment

You never know what life has in reserve for you. From a dream job to a trip of a lifetime around the world, all expenses paid. When you put your mind to co-create with the universe nothing can stand between you and your dreams. When it comes from your spirit the universe will support you all the way.

Moving into the unknown on the quest of your life purpose. You might not know what it is going to be. Who you are going to become, how things are going to unfold for you?

Just having faith, the universe is always by your side, being blessed all the way. Continuing to dream big, leaving the universe to worry about everything on your behalf. Not feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Instead learning to let go of everything that is not for your highest good. Moving away from toxic relationships to a job that doesn’t fit you anymore.

Continue be driven by your passion, let your spirit shine. Continue to fuel the fire in you to finally reach your holy ground whatever it might be.

We are all evolving and changing, there is no reason for us to stay where we are when we know there is something better out there for us. I would not have traveled as far as I did if I did not believe in myself.

Trusting the universe in my journey when darkness surrounded me. Not knowing what tomorrow might be is alienating. But I know the universe has my back and only blessings are continuing to flow in my life.

I am standing strong on my holy ground; I have been through so many storms in my life. I am not willing to stop on my journey. I will continue to walk on my path until my last breath.