I believe in my spirit

We all have it in us to push forward in our lives. From a life that is far to be a fairy tale to a setback in our professional or personal lives.

We all have it in us to believe in a better tomorrow. It is part of who we are to continue to dream. Not giving up, but instead, focusing the rage in us to move forward. Not feeling we are a failure but instead learning to open our heart to let our spirit guide us.

I have closed myself to the world when I was ready to go to battle. I did not let anyone come into my life when darkness surrounded me. I did not trust the illusional world when everything was falling apart.

I have seen people’s true colors when they did not want me to shine. I have watched people rejoicing when I was down. I also was lifted by people who stood up for me. Fighting to keep me when the doors where closing.

I have learned to open up and let my humanity speak. I have found the balance between the spiritual and human world. I have become the better part of me by walking away from people who have deceived me.

I have cut the cord of the people who were not here for my highest good. I have learned my life lessons and plus, I have continued to dream of a better tomorrow.

I am living the life of a thousand lives because my spirit guided me along my journey. I have trusted and will continue to trust the process, my spirit, the universe.

Becoming whole requires us to be authentic mending our mistakes. Opening our heart to let our beautiful spirit shine. Not being afraid to speak up when it is needed.