Shine the light on me

I start a riot to let my spirit become my guide. I will fight my way to reach my holy ground. I will walk on fire to archive my goals; I will not allow anyone to stop me on my way.

I will discover what I am supposed to be doing on earth. I start a riot against the ego world. I will not let anyone dictate my life. I will open my heart to listen to the guidance from the universe.

I will continue to shake the establishment to change the world for the better. I will teach peace and love in complete darkness. I will live free filling my heart with peace.

I will ground my spirit; I will continue to elevate my energies. I will shine the light on me. I will inspire my day by meditating, sending peace to my former enemies. I will rise like the phoenix from its ashes. I will smile at the world sending positive energy into the world.

My riot is a riot of love, compassion and peace. We do not have to live in the world of chaos. We can find “notre havre de paix” by opening our spirit. Leaving our ego asleep, refusing to settle for something that will not fulfill our heart.

We are capable to create a better tomorrow. Why not start today? What’s stopping us from doing that?

I will continue to shine the light on my spirit, guiding others to reach their holy ground. I will not stop until I have accomplished what I am meant to be doing.

The world is challenging, but at the same time beautiful.

I will not stop my quest until I have become one with the world. I will continue to be inspired by the universe because there is so much we can accomplish when we are co-creating for our highest good and the highest good of everyone.