My holy ground

Adjusting to changes can be challenging, it’s like steering a boat in the raging river that is our lives. We need to be centered and whole to navigate the rapids in our lives.

Being open to unexpected changes can be overwhelming at first. But when we step back and realize this is for our highest good, so let the changes begin.

Everything is always in motion; we are always on the go. Thinking we might have archived our life purpose could be an illusion. We might have something bigger and better waiting for us. Having a sense of peace and security is only an illusion.

The universe can wake us up after a long nap to let us know we are not done yet. The shift we started to experience is not the end but a transitional moment that gives us the reprieve we needed.

We have a tendency to want to settle when we are not quite yet there. With patience and love we can go through the changes we are experiencing. Knowing this is for our highest good.

I have seen too much in my life to not settle for something less than what the universe has in reserve for me.

Reaching our holy ground is what our life purpose is all about. But it doesn’t mean it is the end of our journey. We have so much more to learn and do in our lives. As long as we are breathing, we are the student of life.

The sense of security we are all seeking is the connection between our spirit and the universe. Success only comes when we are ready to embrace the better part of us.

Living in the illusional world does not fulfilled my heart and spirit. I am on my way to better things when I am walking on my holy ground.