Creating our life

We are all blessed regardless of the outer conditions we are in. We need to learn to elevate our energies to keep the flow of creativity entering into our lives. Not easy when we feel like we are being pushed beyond our limits.

When the world we are in is upside down we need to have faith for a better tomorrow. We need to keep the fire in us burning stronger. We do not need to act as the victim when we are being tested by the universe.

Changes in our lives are happening every single day. It is our purview to nurture our own garden, it is in our best interest to seek the right choices in our lives. Regardless of what others are thinking, we know by listening to our spirit what is best for us.

People can think they know what is best for us, but they do not see what we see. Only your spirit can guide you to safety. If you are in doubt, ask your circle of light.

Creating our ultimate dream opens the doors to infinite possibilities. The universe, in its perfect wisdom, will help us along the way. When we are open to receive from the universe nothing will ever go wrong.

We just have to listen to the guidance of the universe and walk the path of life purpose. Nothing will ever be the same when you are connected with the universe co-creating our new experiences being open to change our lives for the better.

We all want safety and peace in our lives but in order to achieve those   goals we need to face our life lessons. We are always going to be safe when we are walking on our life purpose. Our journey is the journey of a thousand lives. We are the master painter that is creating our tomorrow by creating in the present.