Having faith in us

We can feel defeated when we think we have found peace and stability in our lives, then the universe throws us a curb by turning our world upside down. Now it is time to pick ourselves up by doing an inventory of what should be doing next.  How can we make sense of unexpected changes?

This is where our circle of light comes to play a major role. With people that have our best at heart, we can lean on them and talk through what we are experiencing. Somehow the universe will give us the message we need to get going. We are not alone in our journey.

We need to walk on our path, but we have an army by our side that is there to encourage us but also inspire us. We are not a failure, but we are changing the course of our lives for greater and better things.

Do not under sell yourselves during this process. We need to step back and see what our options are. Letting our ego fall asleep so we do not, out of panic or stress make mistakes or repeat the same mistakes we have made in the past.

If we take the time to slow down, we can listen to our spirit. We have to remind ourselves everything happens for a reason that might or might not be revealed at that time, but changes are a good thing because they help us to continue to elevate ourselves to the next level.

I have, like everyone else, experienced unexpected changes, I felt at times it was the end of the world. The pressure was too much for me to handle, I was worried about tomorrow but did not realized that everything will be alright.

It took a while for me to realized that, but we are all human even though we are, maybe, trained to connect with universe, we still can be worried about tomorrow when unexpected changes are coming our way.

One thing we have to remember, we are all blessed, and everything is alright because the universe is watching upon us.