Living our lives Part 2

Growing the fire that is in our heart starts by believing in ourselves. Not letting the outer condition deter us from archiving our life dreams. Our life purpose is why we are here on earth. Nothing is more important then reaching it.

We still have our life lessons to learn. letting our spirit grow and mature, becoming the better part of us. Not feeling we are failures, but instead learn from our setbacks and move on.

We have so much more to be joyful about when we are setting our minds to think positively. We might have not succeeded at something because we were not meant, or we are not yet ready. It doesn’t mean we are never going to succeed. We might have been guided blindly by our ego instead of our spirit.

Success doesn’t come because we think it is due to us. Success will come to us when we are guided by our spirit. Nothing will ever be the same when we open our heart and let our spirit guide us.

I have run after some shiny objects that were not meant for me. I lost myself temporarily into the ego world. But when I step back from that illusional world I realized this wasn’t for me. I understood I was misguided by my ego. feeling like a kid having a tantrum, I wanted something that wasn’t for my highest good.

Instead I learned to listen to my spirit, guiding me along my journey. I have learned to discover who I was. I became a student of life; I have never felt I was part of the ego world. I always felt my destiny was somewhere else.

In order to do that I had to invent and create a new experience for me. Never feeling I belonged but instead I was driven by my passion, my dreams. I wasn’t ready to settle for something less then that.