You got in you

Our world always collides with the distractions of the illusional world. How can we keep our focus on our spirit when so much is happening around us? Should we retreat to the mountains away from everything that would derail us from our life purpose?

It would be great to do that but not practical when we need to learn our life lessons. We can find some salvation in our daily meditation learning to let go of everything that has happened to us for the day. How can we be the better part of us when so many things can influence us?

Staying grounded and focus on what our heart desires, not letting ourselves being swallowed by the madness of the world but becoming one with the universe. Trusting the process for whatever we are currently facing.

It will always work out at the end; we just have to believe in us and keep moving forward. Even if we do not see the end of the tunnel and are walking in pitch darkness, we shall lean on the universe letting our spirit guiding us along our journey. Never feel we have failed or will not be able to move on in our journey.

Creating the circle of light that will help us to continue to light the fire in us. Never giving up even if we are close to the edge. Instead, finding the courage deep inside of us to move on.

We all have it in us to create a world of happiness, we can all change our outer condition. We do not have to let anyone dictate our life. Instead we should be the one moving forward. I have found myself pushed against the wall. Feeling being crushed by the outer condition I was in; I would have giving up in my dreams, but my spirit never did.

Even in the darkness I have found my salvation, my inspiration in my spirit.