If today was my last day

If today was my last day what would I be doing? How long would it take for me to decide what would be the best thing for me to do? We are living in a rat race forgetting to be present in our lives. While we are facing our storms, we are being reminded of the little thing we are taking for granted.

A smile from loved ones, laughter or a kiss. We need to be present in our lives. When situations are arising, we have the possibilities to course correct our path. It might be a stressful time for some of us to go through but if we believe in ourselves nothing is impossible.

Feeling blessed and protected we can walk into darkness knowing everything will be alright. Spending your life fighting to move forward is not for the faint of heart. Facing head on these obstacles, never giving up on our dreams.

When riding on the raging river that is our life, hoping for a better tomorrow and being able to imagine a better world, always keeping our energies high, this is what we need to do to move forward and eliminate all the adversity coming our way.  Learn to lean on your circle of light.

Embrace who you truly are, keep yourself authentic. Give to the universe the worries you might have. Even if you feel like the walls are closing in on you. There is always an exit.  But when we are overwhelmed with everything, we can miss the signs the universe is sending to us.

I have, in the eye of a storm, been unable to find the way out. With the support of the universe and the trust I felt, I let my spirit guide me. When we are in partnership with the universe, we can overcome the obstacles we are facing.

If today was my last day, I would be enjoying a peaceful walk and a wonderful dinner with all of my friends.