A little high hope

We need to have and to feel a little high hope in our lives. Letting love infuse our hearts, healing our wounds. Letting go of the people or situations that have been hurting us. We do not need to live in the past but being present in our lives.

Tomorrow is being created today; we do not need to repeat our old patterns. Learning to create a new world for us, a new experience. Feeling we are not alone but surrounded by an army of helpers.

Not giving up in our dreams, in our lives. Seeing ourselves full of love and joy, walking on our holy ground. Discovering the better part of us, not letting anyone disperse our parade.

How can we continue to move on when everything is coming at us all at once? I have felt like being hit by a freight train when changes came into my life. This uncomfortable ride was necessary to shift the path I was following.

Easy to look back and see how far I have come but it still not yet the final destination. Starting a riot in my life to become the better part of me, not being swallowed by the negative world of the ego.

Fighting to free myself of all of the bonds that hold me back, letting my own imagination break the last obstacles to finally find the peace.

Nothing is ever given to us on a silver platter but when we have the will to change our outer condition, we can create the miracle we need. Defying the ego world to rise like the phoenix to reach our destination that will open our heart and connect us with the universe.

Not walking on shaky ground but feeling grounded and whole again. Ready to embrace tomorrow with a smile on our face.

Nothing is impossible if we put our minds into it.