Chasing the stars

Who we are helps us chasing stars to create a world we want to live in. it is not easy to create our own world when we have so much influence from the illusional world? it is not easy to be who we truly are when we feel we are under a microscope.

We need to learn to break free from all of it and start to walk on our own path. It is never easy to stick like a thorn, but we are here to accomplish our life purpose. If we are spending our time in the illusional world how can we live our life to the fullest?

Trying to pretend who we are not is tiring and will not help us along the way. It will create a sense of emptiness that cannot be fulfilled.

I have spent too many times waiting for a miracle that never arrived. I would have rather spent my life sitting on the edge of the world watching like an observer. Not being able to accomplish what I have done.

When you decide to take charge of your own destiny you are changing your outer condition. You are moving from an observer to a trailblazer. You are going on the quest to discover who you truly are.

I have taken so many detours in my life, I could have lost myself but with the support of the universe I was able to find my way back home. We got it in us to be able to move mountains. We need to light up the fire in us to go on the quest for the truth in ourselves. To be unique and to be strong and to be a person of integrity.

No one will walk on your path for you. It is your life mission to do it, you have a circle of light that will be by your side. You got it in you to be happy to find your holy ground.