Walking on our path

When we come to an end on our journey from a relationship that has run its course or a job that doesn’t go anywhere, we have to move on in our lives.  That is easier said than done. The unknown is scary, especially when you have to take a leap of faith and jump in with both feet.

It is frightening to realized we need to move on for a better future. Changes are uncomfortable, so that is when we wished we could have an easier journey. Hoping for our happy ending, not having to worry about tomorrow.

I have lived a thousand lives; it is not getting any easier when you are faced with those changes. Hoping to have a paycheck coming regularly. Being able to pay your bills, going on vacation, saving money and living a carefree life.

How many of you have felt times of uncertainty upon you? How often have you spent your night worrying about tomorrow? How often have you felt alone in your journey? Stressed to make sure you have food for your family on the table?

We are living in a world that doesn’t give us room for mistakes. We have to be able to keep up with our bills. Regardless if we have to take two jobs to make ends meet.

With the help of the universe we can learn to co-create. Changing our outer condition for a better life. There is not a magic pill or waving a magic wand that will make everything negative disappear but instead we can start to change the course of our lives.

Improving our outer conditions when we have faith and believe in ourselves. With the help of the universe we can start to create a better life for ourselves. We do not need to trade our spirit to the illusional world of the ego. We can simply start to infuse positivity into our lives and let the universe help us along the way.