Our journey Part 2

Being someone doesn’t mean we have to pretend to be someone we are not. Being someone is letting our spirit free; it is becoming authentic. Living our lives, the way we are meant to be living. Focusing on our life purpose, not settling for something that is not for our highest good.

Never feeling emptiness in our hearts but love. Never feeling alone but walking with the universe by our side on our journey. We have to face our life lessons, but it doesn’t mean we have to do it alone. Asking the help of the universe is what we should all be doing. Feeling the blessings of the universe upon us, even if the outer conditions are less than ideal.

I have faced too many challenges in my life, but by having the universe by my side helped me to ease my journey. But also showing me where the open doors were to help me.  In times of uncertainty, when we feel everything is blurry, we cannot see which direction we need to take.

That support is essential for us, it is not only in time of need but also, we can ask for help in our daily life. The universe is only asking us to reach out to them for help. We have our own free will, so unless we reach out and allow them to help us, they will not do so without our asking.  We could walk down the wrong path for our lifetime if we are not cognizant that the universe ready and willing to help us if we ask them.

We can wait a lifetime to be on the right path, but we need to make the first step to be able to move on into the right direction. Without them we are making our lives harder, you do not have to be religious to ask for help, everyone can ask at any given time.

Being free on our path is letting our spirit guide us along the way. Not everything will be as easy or coming together the way we want. But by leaning on the universe the outcome will be sweeter then honey.