Our World

Feeling a sense of safety is what we all wish to have in our lives. But when the outer condition is less than ideal, we are feeling like we are living on the edge, always thinking two steps ahead to deflect any issues that would arise. It is not easy to live a peaceful life when our journey is full of obstacles.

Nothing is truer than finding peace in our lives. With the raging river we are navigating is becoming unbearable we have to fight every inch along the way to reach the safety we so well deserve.

Life is not a walk in the park but an obstacle course we need to successfully navigate. We can find help and comfort along the way, hoping, while believing in ourselves and our capabilities to overcome everything.

We are warriors, we can conquer what seems unsurmountable. We can rise from our own ashes; we can invent a new world around us. We can fill our heart with love and compassion. We can learn to forgive people and situations. We can elevate ourselves from adversity  

We are not weak or a failure if we are not succeeding at something. We need to learn to step back and see the bigger picture. Sometimes when we are not listening to our spirit but are focused on our ego, we might miss all the signs that tell us not to go on that path.

We can, in those instances, learn to quiet our ego and listen to the whisper of our spirit to guide us to safety. When you are able to make the distinction between the world of illusion and your spirit, you are on the way to learn how to navigate the river that is your life.

Nothing will ever be the same when you are becoming the better part of you and that will happen when you are connected with your spirit.