Believe in us

The joy to be your own boss, I am not talking about not only at work but in your own life. Too often people are afraid to express how they feel or what they would like to do in their own lives. It is amazing to see when people are starting to expand their wings.

When people start to believe in themselves it is amazing to see how they can transform their lives. It is never too late to be assertive and becoming the better part of us. We have so much more to gain by changing our ways. Letting the universe help us along our journey.

We can be facing unsurmountable challenges in our lives that might seem impossible to overcome but when you infuse your thoughts with the positive energy of the universe it is when the magic starts. Changes, even as subtle as they might be, can help us to shift our outer condition but also elevate our energies.

We have to face changes that are uncomfortable, but we can make it if we can ride it successfully out when we believe in ourselves, in the process, in the universe but foremost in the happy ending we are looking for.

I have travel too far to stop on my journey, I have faced poverty, pain and suffering but my will is still pushing me forward. I have left my warrior armor to let the people around me lift me up and fight for me. I have become human and not feeling alone anymore. I have left hate and anger behind me; I am love and peace.

I believe in the magic of the world; I know I am protected on my path like everyone else. I am not going to deter from my happy ending, my joy and contentment that I know is my birthright.  What we all have been promised if we maintain our relationship with God and the universe.

I am ready to move on to my holy ground. No matter what my outer conditions are and what I see appearing in front of me.