I am blessed

It is always amazing to hear stories of people rising from their ashes accomplishing amazing things. It is inspiring to listen to music that lifts our spirit and energies. Nothing is more valuable than letting our spirit speak to us. Becoming the most authentic self you can ever become.

Waking up in the morning on the mission to become the better part of us. Walking away from all toxic and negative situations.

Never giving up on our dreams but living our lives to the fullest. Not living our lives through others but instead realizing our wildest dreams. How often have you seen people becoming the observers in their own lives?

I have been an active participant in my life. Even when I had no idea what direction I was going. I was in the driver’s seat.  If I had not lived my life as I did, persevering throughout those difficult and heart wrenching times, I would not be writing today. I would probably be living with my heart filled with regrets.

I have lived a thousand lives but the one I am living right now is the one I was meant to be in. I have enjoyed a lot in my life but not at the present as I am today. Having adopted two pups, even as challenging as it is, it has been rewarding working with them and training them, I can see how we are progressing.

Changes come in many different forms or ways that will open your spirit. I found it fulfilling to be where I am today. Even though I feel I am in the right place the universe is shifting my life again. This time I have both support from the universe and humans that are all standing for me.

It is the most humbling experience when you realized you are not alone. We are all connected, and help will come to us in some form that we are not expecting. I am blessed to be where I am today.