Our Journey

I am feeling connected with the universe. I am not worried about my future, regardless of what I am facing I know it is going to be resolved very soon. Having to find my own peace of mind, learning to connect with everyone is what we are meant to be doing.

Living our life purpose not being worried about the illusional world of the ego but instead being open to expand our wings and fly away.

Having embraced the better part of me, I can take the time to reflect on what else I need to learn? How far do I need to go to become truly at peace?

I am engaged in my life; I am present and not projecting myself in the future. I appreciate everyone that surrounds me. I am not worried about tomorrow. I am ready to embrace the changes in my life.

Love is all around us, creating a world of beauty and peace. Becoming an inspiration for the next generation. Learning to close the gap in our lives but also with our loved ones. We do not need to become the best of something if we do not have to be.

We need to stop to ask for validation, we are here to walk on our own path. Becoming the rising phoenix, learning from our life lessons. Never thinking a failure is bad but instead taking the time to learn from it so we do not repeat our own mistakes.

We can gain so much insight when we are open to authentically assess our journey. We do not need to live in the past but learn from it so we can move on to accomplish more in a positive way.

We can only become who we are meant to be when we are ready to go on our quest. The unknown may be terrifying, but it is the only way we can discover who we truly are.