Changes in our path

As autumn is upon us, we have the beautiful sight of the leaves changing colors. The weather is crisp, and the sun is still shining. It is a beautiful sight to behold. I love to fall it is a new beginning.

It is time to enjoy some fun, not having to deal with mosquitos. With shorter days we can enjoy a cozy “home sweet home”. Ready to enjoy warm dinners and family time. We can be inspired by the upcoming holidays.

It is a great time to start to create a new experience, to see what we have accomplished this year and what else we would like to complete. Time is not the essence only what inspires us.

We have so many possibilities when we are ready to go on the quest that is our lives. So much excitement when we are inspired. But in order to accomplish this we need to be willing to center ourselves.

Keep ourselves grounded, letting our spirit speak for us. Listening to the guidance of the universe, being willing to walk into uncharted territory. Opening our heart to receive the love.

Having the time of our lives starts with love. Not willing to settle for less than we dream. Becoming the dreamer, the sparks that will create the changes in our outer conditions.

We are here to not only live our life purpose but also bring peace to the earth. We need so much peace because of the changes we are experiencing.

Life has a wonderful way to remind us where we need to go. We might have experience changes that we do not understand but was needed to course correct our path. While those changes are occurring, we are going to be sitting in an uncomfortable situation until everything settle.

Keep pushing forward and ask the support of the universe.