Unexpected changes

We might be experiencing unexpected changes in our lives. Some that could turn our lives upside down; we need to keep faith this is for our highest good. As we are facing those moments of uncertainty, moving forward helps us to focus on a better tomorrow.

I have often dreamed of a life full of joy and love. Not feeling the pressure of the world on my shoulders. Seeing myself free of worries but full of joy. When looking at the reality of my life, it was the opposite side of the spectrum.

Changes are not easy, especially when it is done without any warning or should I say, very little warning. When we take the time to look closely at the events, we can see those little signs lining up, but we did not quite understand them.  

We cannot go backwards; we need to move forward and take the leap of faith for a better life.  Like the phoenix we are going to rise again, being stronger and wiser.

Learning from our past experiences, not being afraid of rolling up our sleeves. Instead we need to embrace where we are. Co-creating with the universe and seeing we are protected and well. Easier said than done you might add. Yes, it is not easy but when we are willing to do that, we are opening the doors to infinite possibilities.

Living a life in a cocoon is what we are all wishing for but again our spirit has set our path, we need to find our life purpose. We might not understand why we have not arrived, as yet, on our holy ground but with positivity and truth to guide us we are on the right path.

Keep pushing forward ask the universe help and believe in ourselves. Ask the support of your circle of light and start to network with people. You never know who can help you.

Not closing ourselves off from the world but instead reaching out.