Moving in our lives

Adopting puppies is like having kids except those little mischievous ones do not talk and are faster than kids. Trying to train them comes with challenges but by keeping the focus on them we can have them behaving in no time. It also comes with a commitment to take care of them.

When we are in the pursue of our life mission, we have to be willing to face our storms to get where we need to be. Changing our patterns to embrace the better part of us. Becoming the light that shines like a star in the dark night. You can choose the path you want because of our own free will but the most rewarding path is our life purpose.

You never know when the river of our lives will become the raging rapids, or it would be so calm and peaceful you are enjoying each precious moment. It is important to co-create with the universe.

We are not alone, when we understand that we can learn to create a new experience with the full support of the universe but also with the major key player which is perfect synchronicity.

Seeing miracles happening to everyone around us should inspire us to do the same in our own lives. Have you ever noticed it is always easier to help others than ourselves? If we start to take care of our own garden, we can accomplish so much more.

Having lived thousands of lives, I have become flexible in my journey. Learning to adopt to my outer condition. Even the most extreme ones, but always asking the universe to oversee my family.

We should not blame others for our loses but keep on looking at what we can do to remain in control and move forward into the right direction.  Learning to breathe, taking some fresh air to help us to stay centered.

You might be surprise when you are grounded how many changes in a positive way could happened. Let the positive flow of the energy filling your body. Release the negativity from your heart and mind and only goodness, positivity and fulfillment will come to you.