My true inspiration

Changing our world starts with each one of us. If we want to have a better world to live in, we can start by changing the way we think, we can start to embrace our spirit instead of our ego.

We do not need to feel we have to crush someone else’s dream just because we feel threaten by them. We should learn to embrace our differences. We should not shy away from our holy ground.

We should continue to course correct our lives. Becoming the better part of us doesn’t come overnight. It is a journey of trials and tribulation. It is an understanding that each time I am going to kneel it is to come back stronger. Learning to lift my spirit higher, to reach peace and love.

There is no failure but a step back each time a door closes. We are not being dictated by our ego, but we are listening to the voice that will always guide you to safety.

The world is the raging river we are facing. The ego is the distraction that will make us walk off our path. Our spirit will always be there to talk to us, it is up to us to decide to listen to it or not.

We are here to accomplish what our spirit has chosen for us. If you feel the ego world is more inviting, then go for it. But it will never offset your spirit or your life’s mission.

I have spent too much time on my path using positive energy so I would not want to waste my free time in the ego world. We can accomplish so much more when we are focused on our passion.

Being driven to create a better world for us, so why waste our time with illusions that will never fulfill us?