Our path, our lives

We all need a little high hope in our lives. Feeling defeated when we do not get the job we wanted. Being left aside when we thought we would be playing on the team. Not feeling accepted by the world that surrounds us.

Not feeling home where we are but instead a stranger in the world that doesn’t match our spirit. We have so much to face in our lives, from growth, loses and betrayal. It is hard to see humanity at its best, but we can always keep on dreaming for a better day.

It will come in due time, remember it is never our own timing but the universe’s timing. We can have a feat; the universe will not deliver with a snap of our fingers. Patience is golden, the rewards are amazing when you are willing to wait for them.

We can feel like a dark horse running on the horizon to our life purpose. Becoming unstoppable on our journey. We need to become the better part of us. Learning to uncover and discover who we truly are.

Life can be a distraction with all of its glitters but when you focus on your spirit you do not see the glitter anymore. You see the path to follow to become your true self.

Not being caught in a dream that is not yours. I have wondered often why I did not have the dream job I thought was perfect for me. Why have I not settled with a mate that might have been OK to spend the rest of my life with?

Doors will open while some others will stay closed regardless of how many times you have tried to get them to open. It is hard to walk away from something or someone you thought was right for you.

But in reality, neither one of them were meant to be for you. Because something or someone better is on your path.