Coping with life changes

Archiving our life purpose is our ultimate goal.  We might not feel ready to go on the quest to discover who we are, but when you feel the calling you should not hold back, instead you should move forward.

It might be scary to go into the unknown, but the rewards are as sweet as honey. Your life will change forever. Nothing will be holding you back, instead you are going to live your life to the fullest.

Learning what the meaning of freedom is, not worried about tomorrow but instead embracing every moment you are walking on your own path.

We are never ready to face changes in our lives. We can welcome the energy that will drive the changes, but we still have to learn to navigate that river. Going with the flow of the universe can be overwhelming but when you stay centered you can focus on the next move.

Often, we are not able to cope with everything coming our way. We need to make the distinction between what we can control and what we can’t. People are always trying to control their outer condition. This is not the right way to handle it, what you can do is to control how you react to the circumstance you are in.

Breathing and centering ourselves will help us to stabilize our energies. Not feeling the world is ready to collapse above us. Not engulfing ourselves in the rabbit hole that has no end.

Having faith in the process, in the universe and in ourselves to get through it.

Smiling at adversity and embracing our warrior spirit to push us further in our own lives. I have seen people reacting to everything instead of stepping back to assess the situation and see the solution.

We can get caught up in dramas the outer condition will throw at us, but we can learn to step back and find the exit door.