Success is a moment of inspiration

We can all succeed in our lives; we need to be realistic and authentic to our spirit to achieve our dreams. If you are living with your ego in the driver seat, your dreams will be an illusion that doesn’t reflect what you are inspired to become.

We may feel, if we are not following the robots’ world, we are nobody. In fact, you are becoming a nobody when we are living in the illusional world of the ego. Nothing is true to who you are, wasting your time running for a shiny object that doesn’t mean anything to your true self.  Being shallow and following trends of the time, doesn’t help you to grow and become the better part of you.

We can all get caught up in that world, but it doesn’t mean we have to stay there until the end of time. We can move out of it to become our spirit. How often have you listened to your spirit? What were the results of following it?

We can get what our heart desires faster than the ego world will fulfill you. In the illusional world we are the eternally unsatisfied, always running from one shiny object to another.

Never feeling complete, always seeking for something to fill the emptiness in our heart. For once why not listening to your spirit and change the course of your life? Why not become who you are meant to be?

I have never backed down from my own destiny, I wanted to give up a few times when things got unbearable but at the end it all worked out.  Having faith in the process but also believing in myself.

I have fought many battles to get where I am today, sometimes I felt I could not possibly go on, but It was worth the pain and sorrow I went through.  It brought me to a place of peace and joy. I would not be here if I did not believe in myself.