the music of our lives

There is a great band I like to listen to, and it is “Oh Wonder”, their music is inspirational. Listening to their lyrics is truly inspiring to learn to believe in ourselves. Learning to walk on our own path.

We need music that lifts up our spirit. Bringing the hope people need. Often, we relate to a song because it helps us to go through our storms. We all have our own song that will bring us back in time when we were teens. Or we meet our first love, got married, had children. It might also be the first break up song. The song that would follow you an entire summer where you had fun and learned to let lose.

It could be the song when you went on your own quest. Something that will inspire you to start your own business. Flying freely into your holly ground, never to be stopped by anything or anyone.

When you are in love, you are walking on clouds and the same joyful song is playing in the background. Your life is about to change for the better and your heart is being lifted by the music that is surrounding you.

We all have our own songs or our musical catalogue that would represent who we are. What are your songs?  What lifts up your spirit?

What song makes you smile, reminds you how much mischief you had done when you were a kid?

What really has inspired you along your journey? What music do you like to listen to when everything is upside down?

I have a wide range of music I love to listen to, each one of them reminds me of precious times I had. Helping me to be inspired to move on in my journey. Making me dream bigger and bolder. Feeling I am limitless.